About Scientific Trading Center

From our inception in 1994, Scientific Trading Center (STC) has embraced innovation and new technology to deliver and supply a world glass solution in gas equipments to the Egyptian market.
Scientific Trading Center (STC) is one of the leading companies in Egypt and Middle East presenting a variety of gas equipments. Our company is one of the largest suppliers for gas equipments, since we are the exclusive agent for some multinational manufacturers in USA and Europe.

We cover the following items in gas equipments Sector:

  • Nitrogen generators for Industrial use.
  • Oxygen generators for Industrial applications.
  • Gas generators for analytical applications.
  • Cryogenic bulk tanks.
  • Cryogenic liquid cylinders.
  • Gas compressors and boosters.
  • Gas analyzers.
  • Gas instruments.

We are the first Egyptian company to present Liquid Cylinders for industrial and medical sectors; also we are the first to present the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Oxygen and Nitrogen onsite generators for several industrial applications.
With our wealth of experience, we have built an enviable reputation for quality and product reliability. Our systems aim at optimal economical and efficient solutions. Our total dedication to service means that we are able to exceed the expectation of our customers. We also offer all-round competent consultancy solutions for all demands related to gas and gas logistics.