Oxygen Generators

OGSI's Oxygen generators line offers a low-cost, effective alternative to bottled oxygen. Designed for applications requiring outputs from 0.6 to 150 Nm3/hour .

OGSI's plants are the most energy efficient plants on the market. Extract oxygen directly from the atmosphere and deliver it to any medical or industrial application with an OGSI oxygen generator. Our line of Pressure Swing Adsorption generators can deliver a constant flow of up to 93% +/- 3% oxygen purity at 45-60 psi. Higher oxygen purity and pressure is optionally available.

Every PLC-controlled generator is assembled and tested in our North Tonawanda, NY production facility. The zeolite sieve is factory sealed in solid steel tanks, and rarely needs replacement. With very few moving parts, our generators are built to provide thousands of hours of continuous, reliable service. Routine maintenance is as simple as changing an air filter.

From their precision-welded tank assemblies, to their oxygen-clean brass tubing and valves, our generators operate in the harsh environments of Africa, Asia, South America and the Yukon.

Eliminate the unnecessary costs of transportation, storage and cylinder rental. Our standard product line has 18 models- from 0.6 to 150 Nm3/hour. You’ll never pay for capacity you don't need.

• Aquaculture (Fish Farming )
• Cutting , Brazing and Welding
• Glass Blowing.
• Gold Processing.
• Industrial Gas Suppliers.
• Jewelry Making.
• Mining.
• Muffler Shops.
• Ozone Generators.
• Scuba Tank Nitrox Systems.
• Waste Treatment.