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Hydrogen Generators
Hydrogen Generators HyGen

• Available in three models for gas flows of 200-400-600 Nml/min.
• Thanks to the guaranteed high purity (>99.9995%), HyGen can be used both to supply Detectors and to supply carrier gas (up to 15 FIDs or up to 4 S/S GCs + FID).
• Hydrogen delivery pressure of up to 8 bar which allows Brezza units to be used.
• Equipped with the innovative HT PEM cell, with reliability certified by Proton Energy Systems.
• Extreme safety guaranteed also by the innovative controller software, which can be interfaced with the CPU or PCs for remote control.
• Extreme ease of filling the removable water tank
• Accessory to allow replacement of the final filter element without contaminating the hydrogen outlet line with air.